I’m not an audiophile.  I’m also not a music geek.  There are things that I like and things that I don’t, but mostly there’s just a lot of stuff I don’t know about.

What I do know I like is listening to music.  But it’s so easy these days… Spotify just pumps all these choices at you.  Sure you discover amazing stuff.  But it’s ephemeral.  And then it’s gone.  And you can’t find it again.

So, I’ve decided to re-acquaint myself with music on vinyl.  I’m going to force myself to slow down and listen to music on physical objects at the pace and in the order they want me to.  No playlists here!

I can’t promise any deep insights.  But this is a bit of personal journey and maybe you’d like to come along for parts of it.

Surely quite a bit of the content on here will annoy the hardcore amongst you.  If it does, then it’s not your kind of blog… I’m sure there’s quite a bit out there more to your liking.

But, if you do like a bit of anachronism and such (and can stomach my odd musical tastes) then let’s have at it — at 33 revolutions per minute.